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Composite Worktops made from quality materials. Find how much composite worktops cost. What colours and finishings you can have. Choose from many colours and designs. All our composite worktops are fitted in few days. Call for price 020 3740 9358

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3000mm x 650mm 20mm thick: £ 360 & 30mm thick £ 480


Composite Worktops

Ready to be manufactured in our factory and fitted after few days in your place.

Just one click to get quote. Just choose the material, colour and additional services.

Image For many years we supply and manufacture quality and affordable Composite Worktops made from different materials and colours.

Image As direct importer and manufacturer, we can always offer our client’s discounted, low price products to suit their budgets.

Image We offer only top quality products, perfectly finished and installed.  Always 100% professionalism & honesty.

Image With our knowledge, experience and wide materials selection, you will find Composite Worktop as you require.

Image Contact us with your enquiry. We will design, manufacture and install your Composite Worktop in chosen material and colour.

To get quotation for Composite Worktop or free advice please contact us using one of below methods:

Call:  020 3740 9358          Send enquiry Form                Request Call Back    

Use Instant Price Calculator              Visit our Showroom

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Composite Colours
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To find more information about products and services please read information below. If you don't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you.


Edge Finishing
Care Products

Composite Worktops Showroom

We always advise clients to visit the Composite Worktops Showrooms of the company they are planning to buy from and see for themselves how good the quality of materials they have are.

In the companies showroom you will also be able to see many Composite Worktop samples and get a clearer picture of how your new Composite Worktop will look.

In our showroom, our staff will give you their expert advice on any Composite Worktop you are looking to purchase and can give you a quotation for your product before you leave the store. You can see finished products with different finishing’s combinations, also you will have chance to see many slabs in our yard and many stone and quartz samples.

Please visit our showroom before you decide to buy your Composite Worktop

We are open:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5.30pm

Sat: 9am - 2pm (appointment only)

Please click on the link to find our showroom address


Composite Worktops Design

Getting price for any product or service is important part of the project, but getting design advices about colours, materials, finishing’s and additional details it's much more important, because it makes your project more practical, beautiful and useful.

Proper design and choices will show the value of your project.

We offer free design service for all our products and services.

Use our experience to buy something what is good and will last for years. Make sure, you buying something what you will love for years.

We don't care which Composite Worktop you will buy, as long as is good choice of material, finishing’s and additional details. We want to make sure, that you will have Composite Worktop which will make you happy, not disappointed.

We can put all your project plans and expectations into one design and manufacture exactly as you need.

We know the pros and cons. We will show you strong & weak points of your design and change them if require, for much better solutions.

If we can teach and help professional interior designers and architects probably we will be able to help you as well.

If you need Composite Worktop design or any other advices regarding our products and services, please call us or send enquiry form.

Composite Worktop Quotation

Looking for a Composite Worktop quotation? Fill out our Composite Worktop Price Calculator and see how much are the costs for different ranges of products and services that we have available.

Our quotations will not only show you how much it costs to make your Composite Worktop , but also how much it costs to personalise it the way you want and how much it costs to have it delivered and fitted in your place .

Our prices are including price for material per square meter, edge finishing, sink and hob cut-outs, draining grooves, up-stands per linear meters, splash-backs, templating and installation. We offer much more services, just ask.

Compared to other competitors Composite Worktops prices, our prices are more than reasonable and with us you know that you are always getting top quality materials with top quality manufacture and installation. This entire guarantee, that you are getting the highest standard of Composite Worktop .

Comparing all quotes from different suppliers it's like game. Choosing one of them is a gamble.

If you are not a gambler, don't risk, use our service. Order from us and join thousands of satisfied customers.

Composite Worktops Prices. Find out how much Composite Worktops cost

The prices for our Composite Worktops can vary depending on the choice of materials, some being almost half the price of others! This is an important factor to consider when looking for a new Composite Worktop .

To help you see which colours of Composite Worktops are lower priced we have split them all into different price groups on our Online Calculator

This means you can easily see which material has the best price for your project. How much square meter or linear meter cost.

When looking for a low priced Composite Worktops many people think that the lower price they can get it for, the better deal they must be getting. However this is not always the case!

Before you decide to buy the very lowest priced Composite Worktop you can find, please check out how many of these “cheap” competitors are getting their cheap Composite Worktops .

The price of the material for the product is only part of the total price; which includes cutting, polishing, delivery and the fitting of the Composite Worktop .

The material price is approximately 30-40% of the total price, 20% for templating and fitting, 20-30% for processing in the factory and 20% is VAT.

Our Composite Worktops prices are incredibly hard to beat. To find out the Composite Worktops prices please use our Online Price Estimator or check

sample prices for some materials on our Special Offer page

Composite Worktops Colours

We are offering wide range of colours for our Composite Worktops .

You can choose from more than 300 different colours of Quartz & Stone and hundreds of Glass Colours.

We have few quartz-composite suppliers such us; Silestone, Zodiaq, Compac, QuarStone, Diresco, Technistone,

Arena Stone, Ceasar Stone, Stone Italiana, Quarella.

Also we have direct suppliers for our Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate and Travertine.

Some of materials we are importing directly from abroad, some of them we are buying from leading Uk suppliers.

If you would like to see biger range of colours, we can send you to our supplier’s warehouse, where you can see hundreds of slabs and choose some for your Composite Worktop . Just let us know.

You can see all our colours on Stone & Quartz Colours. If you need price for Composite Worktop in one of our colours, please use our Online Quotation system.

Be aware of painted stone!!!!! Many companies are importing grey granite painted to black colour.

Composite Worktops Manufacturers

We are Composite Worktops manufacturers with our manufacturing and processing equipment. Our factory is located in South London, near Croydon.

Dealing directly with us, you are saving a lot of money and communication problems which are coming when using middle man.

We are importing most of our materials directly from sources. It gives us guarantee, that we are offering top quality and best prices.

We manufacture all our Composite Worktops using modern technology equipment with hand finishing, to make sure each piece is properly finished.

Our stone and quartz-composite is polished with water, not dry method. It gives polishing effect for many years.

All our employees are top quality tradesman. For many years we were able to build team which supports us and help us to deliver, what we promise our clients.

The more difficult and challenging job we manufacture, the happier our manufacture guys are.

Important part of our quality comes from their hands. That’s why manufacturing part is very important to our business.

Composite Worktop sizes

All our products are made from different materials. Some of them are natural, such us; marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine. And some are man-made products, such us; quartz/composite. All of them are supplied in different sizes. Stone and Quartz are coming in different size and thickness slabs. Quartz slabs are more regular in sizes: approx. 3000mm x 1400mm. Stone slabs are supplied in sizes: 2000 - 3300mm x 1200 - 2000mm.

Thickness for both: 20mm and 30mm. We can manufacture "thicker" Composite Worktops which look like thick stone or quartz. This type of finishing we call: Down-stand. You can find it on our Edge Finishings page.

As all our Composite Worktops are bespoke, we can cut pieces for your Composite Worktop as big as our slabs are.

Kitchen Worktops sizes:

standard worktop depth size: 600-620mm, breakfast bar width, inc. 300mm overhung for breakfast area: 900mm

islands standard width sizes: from 650-1300mm, lengths for all of them are only limited by lengths of slabs, usually 2800-3000mm

Bathroom worktops/vanity tops sizes:

depth: 400-500mm for vanity tops with semi-recessed basins and 500-600mm for top mounted an under-mounted basins.

Most popular stock sizes for Composite Worktops :

Length: 1.8m (180cm, 1800mm); 2m (200cm, 2000mm); 2,2m (220cm, 2200mm), 2,5m (250cm, 2500mm); 2,7m (270cm, 2700mm); 2,8m (280cm, 2800mm); 3m (300cm, 3000mm). Ask for bespoke, cut-to-size length.

Width(depth): 0.6m (60cm, 600mm); 0.62m (62cm, 620mm); 0.65m (65cm, 650mm); 0.7m (70cm, 700mm); 0.75m (75cm, 750mm); 0.9m (90cm, 900mm). Ask for bespoke, cut-to-size width.

Thickness:  1cm (10mm);  1,2cm (12mm); 2cm (20mm);  3cm (30mm);  4cm (40mm- Down-stand); 5cm (50mm- Down-stand); 6cm (60mm- Down-stand);  8cm (80mm- Down-stand); 10cm (100mm- Down-stand)

Cut-to-size Composite Worktops

As stone and quartz manufacturers each day we are making different size and shape Composite Worktops Each product is unique and cannot be used for different job. That's why we take non-refundable deposits for all our products. That's why is important to make your decision carefully.

Composite Worktop are cut-to-size, to their measurements.

For each Composite Worktop we are offering templating service, where we will precisely measure each piece and mark each detail with perfect accuracy.

We cut-to-size any material, in any shape and any finishing.

Edging (edge finishing) for Composite Worktops

There are many different Composite Worktops edge finishes. We offer our clients a choice of different edge finishings, such us; pencil square, pencil round, half bullnose, full bullnose, ogee, double thickness, down-stand and bevelled edge. Please check available edge finishings.

The Composite Worktop edge profile we will use is down to the customer and their individual taste.

 Some edge types are more suited for different situations and although we will advise our clients on this, but we will always leave the final decision on the edge type to them.

The price of an edge finishing varies with each different Composite Worktop edge detail. Our standard pencil square finish it's the cheapest.

To see the prices of all the other Composite Worktops edge profiles please use ourOnline Calculator or call us on 020 8685 1555

Composite Worktops templating

We manufacture our Composite Worktops and if you need, we offer installation service.

If we are installing [product], we need to take all measurements, ask questions about finishings, cut-outs, positions for all appliances and other important elements of your product. We call it templating.

You can call us any time before you will be ready for templating your place , to get help, ideas and professional support.

For templating you can call us if you have:

  • All base units fitted inc. end panels, supports and pipe boxing
  • Wall units if you want full height splash-backs, or extractor side units if you want hob splash-back.
  • All walls need to be plastered, as you cannot plaster after we take measurements.
  • If you want up-stands, your sockets height should be min. 150mm between top of cabinets and bottom of socket box.
  • Undermounted sinks need to be placed and fitted in position, supported around with 5mm adjustment space around.
  • Top mounted sinks, taps, hot water taps, dispensers and filter buttons, need to be on site, not fitted.
  • Hob need to be on site, not fitted.
  • Free standing range cooker need to be in its position.

Composite Worktops Fitting Services

We offer a Composite Worktop supply and installation service that is unmatched by any of our competitors. Our clients can have their new Composite Worktop fitted and ready for use within a matter of days.

All of our fitters are fully qualified in Composite Worktops installation and we can also supply plumbers and electricians if needed.

To complete a fitting, it usually takes 3-4 hours and at the end of this we ask our clients to inspect the Composite Worktops and sign a satisfaction note of approval stating that the job was done to a high standard.

We are Composite Worktops delivery and installation experts and all the Composite Worktops we supply and install come with a guaranteed customer satisfaction.

All our Composite Worktops are coming with five years guarantee for materials and one year for installation.

Composite Worktop Care & Maintenance

In order to keep your Composite Worktop protected from damage, stains and looking at its very best we have a specialised range of Composite Worktop Care Products.

These will maintain your Composite Worktop in immaculate condition for the longest time possible and to keep it hygienic and dirt-free.

The formula in our cleaning & maintenance products is pH friendly and has been tested to ensure stunning results. They are the quickest, easiest and most effective way of caring for your Composite Worktop .

It is important to always use trusted products on your Composite Worktop and one that you know will work, as some forms of cleaners will actually cause more harm than good to your Composite Worktop .

Don’t damage your Composite Worktop using something “fantastic” from not known sources.

If you are using something first time, always use it in less visible places (in the corners). Once you are happy with this product, then use on whole area.

To choose cleaning and maintenance products for Composite Worktops check our offer on Stone&Quartz Care&Maintenance Products page

We only using professional care products.