Blue Eyes Granite Worktops. Supply and Fitting

Blue Eyes Granite Worktops. Find how much Worktops made from Granite Blue Eyes cost. We offer quality materials at discounted prices. Call 020 3740 9358 for Granite Worktops price. Supply and fitting in 3-5 days

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3000mm x 650mm 20mm thick: £ 360 & 30mm thick £ 480


Blue Eyes Granite Worktops


Ready to be manufactured and installed just a few days after templating


* Call us today to discuss your enquiry, even if you don't need it today. Why not use our experience before you waste your money.

* Ask us what we are thinking about Granite Blue Eyes to be used for Worktop and what we suggest.

* Discuss all finishing details, design ideas and important preparations with our experienced designers.

* Get our best price which will include all material costs, all chosen services and Vat. With no hidden extras.

* We will manufacture your Worktop from Blue Eyes Granite in our factory using modern machinery and hand finishing.

* If you require, we will supply and install this beautiful product in your place in 3-5 days.

Please call us for a free estimate on: 020 3740 9358   or send an enquiry form

Get ideas about square meter or linear meter prices for our Blue Eyes Granite Worktop use our online estimator.

Please note!

Use this estimator just to have ideas about prices. To get the correct price with a detailed description please contact us with your enquiry.

Please send us your measurements and drawings with your enquiry or be ready to give us all the details by phone.


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